3SIXT BioFleck 2.0 Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max - Abyss Black

Preserve your phone, and our planet.
Protect your phone from drops and scratches with plant power. Composed entirely of plant materials, this case is 100% compostable. This smooth and stylish case is a great way to keep your phone safe whilst helping the environment.
* Anti-Microbial Protection – Silver ions provide unbeatable Antibacterial protection, reducing bacteria by 99.9% in a matter of hours for the lifetime of the accessory.
* 100% Home Compostable – Designed and manufactured to be 100% home compostable and breakdown as quickly as 6 months.
* Flexible & Durable – Built to fit and stay in your hand. The grippy material is flexible as its durable.
* Made from Plants – Made from plants. Built to return to the same place it started out.
* HexAir Cushioning – HexAir structure on the inside of the bumper provides your device with superior impact cushioning
* Full Access to Ports and Buttons – Clear and easy access to your device on/off button, volume buttons, speakers & charging port.
* Qi Charging Compatible – Compatible with Qi wireless charging devices, allowing seamless charging.

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