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Point Checklist

All Duct Tape store pre-owned Apple products that go through a strict certification process that also involves light refurbishment.

Duct Tape's inventory comes from people who sell their phones to Duct Tape Workshop through our store in Ponsonby, Auckland.
Our technicians ensures that an iPhone is fully functional through a rigorous testing process. We only sell iPhones that pass all our tests, so that our buyers know they are buying a fully functional device.

Our certification includes a 30 point functional and cosmetic inspection by our technical staff - all Auckland University Electrical Engineering graduates and qualified electronic technicians.


All backed by
a 7-day risk free
return policy.

Only those devices that pass our technician 30-point inspection are offered as Duct Tape Certified.

Tests on Apple Watch

Tests on iPhone & iPad

  1. Accesses WiFi
  2. Connects to a cellular network
  3. Powers on and off normally
  4. Perfect Power functions
  5. Silence toggle toggles
  6. Volume buttons work
  7. Loudspeaker is...loud
  8. Earpiece audio is clear
  9. Home button operates smoothly
  10. Front camera takes great selfies and ready for video chat
  11. Rear camera captures true, sharp images
  12. Camera autofocusses as expected
  13. Video capture is smooth
  14. LED flash light is bright
  15. GPS will get you there
  16. Touchscreen functions fluidly
  17. Glass is free of damage
  18. Backlight bright
  19. No dead pixels
  20. Device charges normally
  21. Device passes data via USB
  22. Microphone records clear sound
  23. Voice commands work
  24. Connects to the web
  25. Makes calls
  26. Headphone jack works
  27. WIFI
  28. Touch focus on camera
  29. Hasn't been exposed to water
  30. Bluetooth connects